Yudo Hato Balibo Timtim

Project Leader and Facilitator

I have experiences as school counselor, strategic manager for student conduct management and designed integrated character education from K-12. I was also a special lecture for post graduate study of guidance and counselling at UNJ and Migrant Care Assistant at International Organization for Migration. Since August 2016 I joined Putera Sampoerna Foundation as Project Leader and Facilitator in School Development Outreach.


Leadership Stream

28 September 2018 | 13:00 - 13:30 | English/Bahasa | Token Economy as Student Conduct Management

Behaviorism as one of guidance and counseling approach has many techniques to help students in developing expected behavior. Token economy or contingent reinforcement procedures as a technique in behaviorism has a chance in giving alternative solution for students’ misbehavior. This technique was a research topic of my thesis to gain master degree back in 2015. The background to this research was the importance of elementary students’ capability to manage discipline behavior. The research was aimed to proven token economy technique able to develop the elementary students’ capability to manage discipline behavior. The participants were one homeroom teacher and 38 students of SDN 01 Mampang, Depok. It used participatory action research as the research method and it was done in three cycles. The protocol of interview, observation and documentation were used as the instrument. Data was descriptively analyzed by doing reduction, interpretation, inference, and follow up phase to formulized the revision of steps for the next cycle. The research result showed that token economy was succeed in developing elementary students’ capability to manage discipline behavior. The discipline behavior was increase since the first cycle to the third one. Since its success as a research, I develop the strategy to be one of the activity in Lighthouse School Program, one of School Development Outreach program (a department under Sampoerna University), a program that gives intensive treatment to develop schools across Indonesia.