Yasir Riady

Academic Staff

I am currently academic staff in Universitas Terbuka Jakarta, in addition to that I also joined the ILN (International Library Network). In 2009, the research I worked with the title "Face the Book with Facebook" and won the best learning activities in Indonesia, it is very popular learning activities and I chose that as my learning area. My research interests are about information seeking behaviour, social media, education and ICT.



27 September 2018 | 10:00 - 10:30 | English | Digital Books in Android-Based Apps for Online Learning (Case Study Jakarta Regional Office)

There are so many applications developed by many universities especially on the system Distance colleges such as Open University in Indonesia, ranging from easy access, facilities And user-oriented needs for tutorials, registrations and exams. Most apps and Facilities developed to assist students in accessing many facilities and services In completing their academic duties. This talk attempts to discuss in more detail the application of A digital teaching material that has been developed by the Open University of Indonesia, it is more focused on activities and guides and the use of android apps as one of the systems that can be analyzed based aspects of effectiveness and efficiency. Quality evaluation in the application of teaching materials based on android can be seen on system quality, number of users, purpose, ease of application and time of use. The conclusion that the Application of Android Based Digital Teaching Materials is capable Making it easier for students at the Open University to understand the material for learning.