More than 6 years become teacher and 7 years as a principal, I also contribute in school development and designing training for teachers and staff. Currently I am an EL Principal and teach High School. On May 2017, I was chosen as the best Elementary principal at Tangerang Selatan. Now I am joining a CESL (Certificate in Educational Studies in Leadership) which was held by UNJ, University of Queensland, Singapore.



26 September 2018 | 12:30 - 13:00 | English/Bahasa | How to Maximise a Web Application (Google) for Teaching Learning and Helping School Development

As a teacher or principal we are very busy with the teaching preparation, observing students, administration, making report and some other things that usually come up suddenly. We can't rely on our skill or paper based record for having our job done, we need to apply technology to help us work faster, easier and more efficient. These are several applications that help me out in doing my work. I have applied on my own and I will share my experience that engaging with technology is a lot of fun. Most of application are from google which is very familiar and friendly user. I have shared these apps to some of the schools to increase teachers performances.  G-Suite for education is one of my favourite. I will perform using Padlet, socrative, google classroom, google forms, google drive and other googles.