Ros Andesko

Graduated Master Program

Ros Andesko received master degree in food technology from Bogor University, and currently teaches science at one school in Jakarta. A strong advocate of research skill and analytical thinking, she involves herself in healthy canteen committee in her school. Her research interest focus on school meals approaches to food safety and quality. She wants her concern about school meal through journal and seminar contagiously to everyone especially educators.


Future Learning

28 September 2018 | 13:30 - 14:00 | English | Eat Right - Be Bright

School is not only teaching center but a place where children and families come in contact with society and where addition services in education must be provided. This institution is an ideal setting to develop a comprehensive health program of health knowledge. School meals are important for: growth of students, physically and mentally also academic performance. We could apply strategies to provide healthy food in school. First cook more. French have school feeding program, that serves by professional chef. Second, serving more fresh fruits and vegetables. In England, they are putting rule that school meals should contain at least one portion of fruits or vegetables. Third, making changes in competitive food. Usually competitive food has typical of low nutritional value but high in energy and give a satiation feeling. In Australia they banned donuts, sweetened drinks, candy, ice cream in school. Next, creatively sourcing healthful food. Indonesian are rich with abundantly source of food. Last, connecting food with environment and good health. This is the trend now, local food product from small local farmer. In Gorontalo, Sulawesi, they have started by selling local food in school canteen. Our school started canteen committee since three years ago. We begin our program by doing spot check on food safety. We gave them workshops as well. We regularly do spot check, involving parents. Right now, we try to focus more on nutrition. It’s not easy though, but we commit to give our students the every best thing from ourselves as parents in school.