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Trends re-shaping Indonesian education landscape

Jakarta, Indonesia; 28 September 2017 – Indonesia is about to leap-frog into the digital age, thanks to new trends and technologies that will soon be deployed in classrooms throughout the country.

Technology experts are sharing a wealth of knowledge and skills with teachers attending the ongoing GESS Indonesia exhibition and conference, the largest education show in Southeast Asia.

“Schools in Indonesia need to keep in step with massive changes occurring in society today,” said Alex Groms, one of the experts who spoke about How Schools Can Become Relevant in 2030. “Many of the jobs we have today will no longer be available in the next decade, due to the progress in Artificial Intelligence that will lead to advanced robotics that will be used in many industries in the future,” added Groms, who represents ArTec, a company that teaches programming as an after-school activity.

Groms emphasized the need for introducing programming into the school curriculum, as in most developed countries where it is now mandatory to study coding as a basic skill.

The latest data from Code.org show that by 2020, there will be 1.4 million coding/programming jobs in the US that cannot be filled by the domestic market. “This means employment opportunities for anyone with the right skills, and hence the urgent need for early intervention in schools,” Groms added.

Gamification is another trend that could have a powerful impact on the teaching and learning experience, according to Aranggi Soemardjan, CEO of Clevio Coder Camp, and one of the experts who led a presentation on gaming and how it can be used to increase student motivation and performance. “Teachers at our camp are taught to create games not just for fun, but also for better learning skills which can help them improve their performance in classrooms. This is a skill that is not just important today, but will be critical to have in the future as gamification increasingly becomes a tool that teachers use to enhance student performance.”

Meanwhile, exhibitors at this year’s edition of GESS Indonesia are optimistic about their participation in the annual education show.

Yudha Adranacis, CEO, PT Dwida Jaya Tama, says this is the third time his company is participating in GESS Indonesia. “We keep coming back because we see a lot of opportunities here to connect with school decision makers. Even teaching aids have developed tremendously from manual to digital, so schools needs to adapt. And we are here to fill in that gap with quality products that will help improve teaching performance in classrooms.”

Now in this third year, GESS Indonesia is the premier education event in the ASEAN region. It has the full support of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education, Ministry of Religious Affairs and the Jakarta Education Board; as well as Jakarta Education Board, The Indonesian Teachers Association (IGI), ADI and the Association of National and Private Schools (ANPS). 

Open to the public and free to attend, GESS Indonesia is ongoing until 29 September 2017 at the Jakarta Convention Centre.


Photocaption: Advanced digital products and solutions for schools on spotlight at GESS Indonesia, from robotics to games and other solutions that are digitising the teaching and learning experience.

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