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Thousands of education professionals expected at GESS Indonesia 2018

Education ministry and teachers’ groups laud show’s contribution to improving quality standards.

Thousands of education professionals are expected to attend the fourth edition of GESS Indonesia, the largest education show in Southeast Asia.

Scheduled on 26-28 September at the Jakarta Convention Centre, GESS Indonesia features a top-notch conference programme with over a hundred talks and workshops “bringing together engaging industry leaders from around the world with influential local practitioners to present a combination of inspirational talks and dynamic, hands-on workshops to put learnings into place in classrooms immediately,” said Sarah Palmer, Marketing and Conference Director, Tarsus Group, organisers of GESS Indonesia.

For the past four years, GESS Indonesia has enjoyed the support of local authorities such as the Ministry of education, Jakarta Education Board, ADI, IGI, HIMPAUDI, FGSI, ANPS; international organisations including SEAMEO CECCEP, BESA, ISTE, Worlddidac and DIT as well as school owners and teaching professionals in providing a platform that has contributed to the advancement of Indonesian education as a whole.

Dr. Ir. Ari Santoso, DEA., Head of Communication and Public Service, Indonesia Ministry of Education and Culture said, “Realizing a qualified learning process with broad, equitable, and fair access – that is exactly what the Indonesia Ministry of Education and Culture is aiming for 2015 – 2019. GESS Indonesia 2018 could contribute directly to the advancement of educational quality throughout the nation to create an educated and highly-moral generation.”

Teachers attending the free-of-charge conference programme in the past attest to the many benefits the presentations have provided in enhancing their skills. “From a teacher’s point of view, GESS Indonesia 2018 is seen as a bridge to know more about technology implication in the learning process so that we could improve the quality, efficiency, also convenience for us teachers and students,” commented Muhammad Ramli Rahim, Chairman of Indonesian teacher Association (IGI).

Meanwhile, Dino Patti Djalal, Chairman of Indonesian Lecturer Associations (ADI) is encouraging lecturers, rectors and higher education professionals to take advantage of the learning opportunities by participating in this year’s edition of GESS Indonesia, which “could give us inputs and guidance in transforming a conventional learning method to the modern way with technology utilization, which we believe would improve learning efficiency between the lecturer and our student,” he explained.

Some of the highly anticipated presentations include Teaching in the Future by Prof. DR. H. Arief Rachman, M.Pd, executive chairman of the Indonesian National Commission to UNESCO; Teacher Professional Development by Agastya Wahyudyatmika - Project Leader & Facilitator, Putera
Sampoerna Foundation-School Development Outreach; as well as Happy Teachers, a presentation with Q&A by Munif Chatib, S.H., M.Pd, Director, Next Edu; and Awaluddin Tjalla, Head of Center for Curriculum and Books, Indonesia Ministry of Education and Culture.

Other notable sessions such as The Role of HIMPAUDI in Reducing Stunting Problems in Indonesia by Prof. Dr. Ir. Netti Herawat - MSi, Chairperson of the Association of Indonesian Early Childhood Educators and Education Personnel (HIMPAUDI); and Public Advocacy: Teachers and Students Protection by Heru Purnomo and Satriwan Salim, Chairman and Vice Chairman, Indonesian Teachers' Union Forum are worth participating in.

More than 50 leading local and international companies, organisations and brands are showcasing the latest products and solutions for the education market; as well as exhibition showcases from the BESA UK pavilion, Worlddidac pavilion, China pavilion, Innovation pavilion and the EdTech Start-Up pavilion featuring the latest, innovative education products in the market.

GESS Indonesia will also be hosting the Indonesian Teacher Award, in partnership with the Ministry of Human Development and Culture, the Ministry of Education, and the Ministry of Religion; while the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education will be spearheading an international seminar on how innovative technologies are impacting the quality of education in Indonesia.

Visitors are encouraged to register online at www.gessindonesia.com. The show is free to visit for all three days.