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Jakarta, August 5, 2019 - The number of public and private schools in Indonesia is growing rapidly.

Based on the report from Center for Data and Statistics, Indonesia Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs, the number of public schools has increased by 0.47 percent and private schools increased by 3.44 percent. In 2016/2017 there were 168.578 public schools and 133.519 private schools, while in the 2017/2018 period there were 169.378 public schools and 138.277 private schools. This marks a great opportunity for supervisors of educational products and solutions in Indonesia.

Tri Turturi, Managing Director of Tarsus Indonesia (Organizer of GESS Indonesia) explained that Indonesia's education sector currently offers great opportunities for education solutions and technology provider companies. The situation is supported by the growing number of educational institutions that are competing to improve their services to meet students’ and parents' expectations for quality education.

"National schools continue to improve the quality of education beyond the minimum standards. They do this through significant investment on their school's infrastructure and facilities as well as adoption of international course materials and curriculum in order to offer better learning and better teaching for students and teacher" said Tri Turturi in an official press release on Monday (5/8).

Based on information, this year Tarsus Indonesia will hold Global Educational Supplies & Solutions (GESS), a series of conferences and exhibitions on 18 - 20 September 2019 at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC). GESS Indonesia has proven its reputation as the largest conference and exhibition event in Southeast Asia. By uniting thousands of the world’s leading educational supplies and solutions provider, GESS Indonesia offers the latest innovation and upgrades into a series of conference and exhibition.

GESS will be participated by more than 80 brands (domestic and foreign), which is a supplier and manufacturing to support education, such as educational toys and games, ICT hardware, e-learning platforms, robotic technology / AI (artificial intelligence), STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) and virtual / augmented reality in order to meet the needs of educational institutions which is so large in Indonesia.

"Through the implementation of GESS, we also want to support the development of education in Indonesia by holding a conference with some of the experts in the education sector, to share their insights into the latest educational trends," closed Tri Turturi.

This year, GESS Indonesia proudly present national and international experts in the field of education as speakers. Three experts in early childhood education and curriculum, Dr. Richard Churches, FRSA (Lead Advisor for Education Reform and Evidence-Based Practice, Education Development Trust), Prof. Dr. Ger Kraus, OBE (Global Director of Education, Kidzania) and Magdalena Matulewicz (President and Co-Founder, Natural Born Leaders), will be present in GESS Indonesia for three days to share their experience and knowledge. Two Indonesian prominent educators, Prof. Dr. H. Arief Rachman, M.Pd and Dr. Munif Chatib will also be present at the conference this year. During the 3-day event, GESS Indonesia will feature discussions and educational workshops, including how the latest technological advances can be used in the classroom as a support tool for teachers and teaching aids for students; leadership and classroom management techniques; improving literacy and linguistic abilities of students that can be directly adapted in Indonesian classroom.

Education professionals and decision-makers from schools who want to attend the Indonesian GESS can register for free by www.gessindonesia.com.


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