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Held for the First Time, Hundreds of Principals Seek Knowledge at GESS Principal Forum

Around 350 principals from 80 private schools in Indonesia participated in the seminar and training in the School Principals Forum session on the second day of the GESS Indonesia 2019 (19/09/19). Was held for the first time at the 2019 GESS Indonesia event, the Principal Forum discusses the challenges faced by school leaders and institutions today in creating more effective learning activities in schools.

Divided into 8 sessions with each different topic, the Principal Forum session presented world-renowned speakers in the field of education such as Director of Global Education, Kidzania, Prof. Dr. Ger Graus OBE, who became one of the innovation pioneers and development of projects such as 'KidZania World Online' , 'KidZtalk' and 'KidZania Careers Week' and Lead Adviser for Educational Reform and Evidence-Based Practices, Educational Development Trusts, Richard Churches FRSA, who has led many large-scale government policy projects in the UK and in the world.

Tarsus Indonesia's Managing Director, Tri Turturi, explained that the Principal Forum session was specifically designed for principals to accelerate the improvement of the quality of education in schools. According to him, in order to make a change in the school learning system is to start from the top level, which is the school principal. However, it’s difficult for principals to find seminar activities that have been specifically created to fulfill their needs.

Furthermore, Tri explained that in the previous year GESS involved mostly only teachers. Hence this year, GESS created a forum that brought together education experts, in the context of creating creativity and critical thinking skills as speakers to deliver their material to the Principals. With this material, Tri hopes to change the mindset of the school principals, so that they can improve the quality of education in schools.

"So, in our opinion, we have taken the right step because the principals also need to update their knowledge. Since they are busy with managerial activities, they are unable to update themselves with the latest methodologies and knowledge, "Tri Turturi concluded.

2500 Schools Have Transaction on SIPLah Application
In the second day of GESS Indonesia 2019, the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemdikbud) conducted a socialization of the application of school procurement information systems (SIPLah), to support the procurement of goods and services (PBJ) in schools in using School Operational Assistance (BOS) funds.

"We have launched the system at the end of July 2019, and store registration was held for one month (August). We have updated the system in early September, and within 2-3 weeks there have been about 2500 schools that transact with about 50 billion rupiah in total transactions," explained Head of the Ministry of Education and Culture's Procurement Planning Subdivision, Herdiana, at the location of the 2019 GESS Indonesia, Thursday (9/19/2019).

Until now, the Ministry of Education and Culture continues to intensify the socialization of the use of the SIPLah application to schools throughout Indonesia which estimated around 220,000 schools, as well as for MSMEs or shops selling school equipment. This is to support the government plan to increase licensing also in allocating BOS funds.

"BOS funds continue to increase every year. And with such huge amount of funds, it is surprising for some schools, because they are not get used to manage large amount of funds. On the other hand, they feel like the responsibility is getting heavier. Over 5 years, BOS funds has been used out, but we have never had complete feedback on how BOS funds were used, "he said. (*)