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GESS Indonesia 2019 Set to Enhance Teaching Competencies

Reporting from Education Statistics data for 2018 released by the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), the percentage of teachers who are eligible to teach in Indonesia has increased in the last 3 years. In the 2015/2016 academic year 84.86% of teachers in Indonesia were included in the teaching-worth category, then in 2016/2017 it increased to 88.29%, and again increased in 2017/2018 to 89.86%.

To continue to improve teaching competencies in Indonesia, to be able to compete in the development standardization of world education, Tarsus Indonesia organisers of GESS Indonesia, held on 18-20 September 2019 at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) features a range of educational conferences over the 3 days to give educational professionals the tools they need to feel empowered in the classroom.

"In line with the government's efforts to improve the quality of education in Indonesia by increasing education budget around 39.4 percent in 2019, we also want to facilitate teachers in Indonesia to keep improving their competence through a series of conference sessions at GESS INDONESIA 2019," said Lestiani Melania, Marketing and Conference Manager Tarsus Indonesia, in her press release on Wednesday (28/08).

"In line with the government's efforts to improve the quality of Indonesian education by increasing the budget by 39.4 percent in 2019, we also want to facilitate educators in Indonesia to continue to improve their competence through a series of conference sessions at GESS INDONESIA 2019," said Lestiani Melania, as Marketing & Conference Manager Tarsus Indonesia in a press release on Wednesday (28/08).

The series of conference sessions at GESS INDONESIA 2019 will present education experts in Indonesia as speakers. One of them is Prof. Dr. H. Arief Rachman, M.Pd. (executive chairman of the Indonesian National Commission to UNESCO (United Nations of Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization) Ministry of Education dan Culture), who will raise the theme "Equality in the Distribution of Education Quality in Indonesia".

According to Prof. Dr. H. Arief Rachman, M.Pd, to support the improvement of equality in the quality of education in Indonesia, it is necessary to design an ideal school ecosystem and be carried out sustainably for the next generation of the nation. One of the factors that can support this is by increasing the competence of educators and educational facilities in Indonesia.

Besides Prof. Dr. H. Arief Rachman, M.Pd, GESS INDONESIA 2019 will also present Munif Chatib, SH, M.Pd (Next Edu Indonesia's CEO, Director of the School of Human Cibubur Model School, Counterpart Finland University)), Ratna Dewi Antarina SF Amir, Founder and Managing Director, HighScope Indonesia, education expert and practitioner, and many others. Leader global experts have been confirmed to speak at the conference including Prof. Dr. Ger Kraus, OBE (Director of Global Education, Kidzania) and Dr. Richard Churches, FRSA (Lead Adviser for Educational Reform and Evidence-Based Practices, Trust in Educational Development, UK).

During the 3 day event there will be 10 conference rooms each day that offer a variety of solutions and products that can be taught directly to the classroom. Not only offering educational solutions in the conference room, GESS Indonesia exhibition offers a variety of educational support products that can be used to help teaching and learning process become more effective.

A prime example is the SilVRgrow solution suite from Silversea Media Group, a multi-national company that offers pioneering, immersive and interactive technology education systems — combining 3D/VR/AR hardware and courseware content, ready for immediate deployment in classrooms and training facilities.

SilVRgrow's eminently affordable education products bridge the gap between learning and fun – providing educators phenomenally easy-to-use, innovative teaching tools centered on standards-based learning, all delivered in an engrossing and entertaining way to keep students focused, engaged and possessed of high retention levels.

“VR allows all three of learning styles — visual, auditory, and kinesthetic to be targeted in one application. Having one learning environment that can encompass multiple learning styles could result in more student engagement, faster learning, and better quality of education,” said David Arianto, Country Manager of Silversea Media Indonesia. 

Join Silversea Media at Stand F16 and get new experiences and solutions that can be applied from the level of early childhood education, to high school and vocational school. These 21st Century tools will elevate learning outcomes and give educators and students a comparative advantage in an increasingly competitive world. (*)