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UAI: Each Student are Required to Learn Computer Science, Coding

JAKARTA, NNC - The Information Technology (IT) Engineering Study Program of Universitas Al Azhar Indonesia (UAI) has initiated to conduct the Hour of Code ™. Hour of Code ™ is a global campaign initiated by code.org aimed at enhancing the benefits of coding learning for elementary and secondary students

Hour of Code ™ is implemented aiming to give everyone a chance to learn programing that is packed with interactive activities and fun.

"I fully agree with the viewpoint of code.org, a nonprofit organization that has a mission to encourage everyone, especially school students, to learn computer science, particularly coding," said Ade Jamal, Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology, and initiator of code learning students Al Azhar school.

The mission of the Hour of Code ™ movement is to teach 200 million children worldwide to solve problems through computer programming on December 4-10, 2017 in Computer Science Education Week.

Learning computer science not only learns about the technology itself but also learns the logic of problem solving and creativity. The IT Engineering Study Program of UAI has also taken part in organizing the Hour of Code ™ which was launched on Friday (8/12/2017).

The event which will take place at Arifin Panigoro Auditorium will be attended by Head of Communications, Informatics and Statistics Office of DKI Jakarta Province, drg Dian Ekowati, MARS.

"This is our focus on UAI in addition to applying this learning to students, I also initiate and encourage computer science to be the basic science that must be taught in primary and secondary education, especially in the environment of YPI Al Azhar and Jakarta government environment. Many schools have not taught it, while parents want their children to master computer science,"said Ade Jamal.

To catch up due to the industrial and digital revolution, a nation can quickly jump start by sending students study abroad or allowing other advanced nations to establish universities that are ready for the industrial and digital era.

This has been done by Malaysia and Indonesia, where our country is relatively less successful than neighboring countries. Special attention to higher education can be undertaken in the face of industrial and digital revolutionary reversals because the primary and secondary education system and when to catch up has been prepared with the basic sciences it needs: math, language and science.

"To face the internet revolution, let alone our country, even a country as big as the United States are still making moves to make changes to the system of basic and secondary education to prepare human resources needed in support of the Internet era and welcome the other eras after this,” Ade Jamal added.

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