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Ministry of Higher Education Urges Lecturers to Start Inovating

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - The Ministry of Technology and Higher Education reminded lecturers of their duties as stipulated in Tri Dharma of Higher Education.

"Lecturers should not spend all their time teaching and forget about research and inovating," said Ali Ghufron Mukti, Director General of Science and Technology of Higher Education at the Ministry of Technology and Higher Education, Friday (9/29/2017).

According to Ali, through research, new findings or innovations in the development of science and technology will emerge and it will be useful for the progress of a nation.

According to Chairman of Indonesian Lecturer Association, Armai Arief, there are many lecturers who want to do research. However, the limited number of lecturers unable them to do so because they have to spend so much time teaching in many classes.

However, there are new regulations that facilitate lecturers to conduct research.

"Now there is a new regulation that lecturers are free to do research and the colleges will support by providing substitute lecturers," said Armai.

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