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Indonesia Wins Two Gold, Three Silver Medals at International Physics Olympiad

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM – Happy faces are visible from the Indonesia contingent on the closure of the 2017 International Physics Olympiad (IPhO) in Yogyakarta on Sunday (7/23). Indonesia, who sent five of its best students in the field of physics, won two gold medals and three silver medals.

The gold medal was won by Gerry Widiarto (SMAN MH Thamrin East Jakarta) and Ferris Prima Hutama (SMAK Penabur Gading Serpong). While the silver medal was successfully obtained by Bonfilio Nainggolan (SMAN 48 Jakarta), Faizal Husni (SMA Kharisma Bangsa, Tangerang Selatan), and Fikri Makarim Sosrianto (SMA IT Albinaa IBS, Bekasi).

Ferris Prima Hutama, one of the representatives of Indonesia gold medalist, conveyed his pleasure to have achieved the target of reaching gold in this 50th IPhO event.

To represent Indonesia, the road that Ferris and his four friends must go through was not easy. They have to go through rigorous selection from district to national through the National Science Olympiad (OSN). After being selected from the top 30 people across Indonesia, national training and final selection are conducted. Once elected, they then enter the consolidation stage to follow this IPhO event.

Ferris hopes that the future of physics competition in Indonesia will continue to grow.

"I hope to be an inspiration for more people," he said, as quoted from the Ministry of Education and Culture’s website.

In the 2017 IPhO, the special award was won by Haoyang Gao (People's Republic of China) for Best Theory category, and Akihiro Watanabe (Japan) for Best Experiment category as well as Absolute Winner.

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