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Indonesia‘s Competitiveness Increases, Sri Mulyani: The Capital Will Come

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Finance Minister Sri Mulyani has responded positively to Indonesia's raising competitiveness rating from 41st to 36th by the World Economic Forum (WEF).

Sri Mulyani said the increase in the competitiveness rating suggests that Indonesia is ready to invest, be it in infrastructure, education, and socio-economic.

"Why it is important that the World Economic Forum said that Indonesia's competitiveness is increasing again from 41 to 36. Because it suggests that Indonesia has an attraction to invest, and this is important, as it indicates that the capital will come to the economy,” she said (9/30/2017).

According to her, what led the increasing competitiveness was that Indonesia has a large market, with a population of 257 million, Indonesia is an attractive market for other countries.

"Indonesia is a country with middle income, if we see our WEF rating increased it because one of the strong points was because Indonesia has a large market," she said.

In addition, other influencing factors are good government economic policies. Sri Mulyani said with the simplification of various regulations, permits, and encouraged ease of investing, the competitiveness of Indonesia can increase.

"This is why governments want easier regulation, easier licensing, why the government invests so much in infrastructure, why President Joko Widodo wants EODB to be so much easier," she added.

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