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The Importance of Synchronizing the Curriculum for Prospective Teachers

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - One of the fastest growing study programs is the Primary Teacher Education Study Program (PGSD).

Selection of state university admission for this program is in demand, as well as in private universities. The enthusiasm for this study program continues to rise. One of the factors in the high enthusiasm is the salaries and support for teachers from the enactment of the Law on Teachers and Lecturers.

However, the high growth and this enthusiasm must be addressed wisely to maintain the quality of teachers. Teachers have become an integral part of the quality of education of the nation.

The head of the PGSD program at Universitas Trilogy, Rudi Ritonga, MM, M.Pd said the creation of qualified teachers starts with the preparation of teaching materials that are in accordance with the standards and quality.

"Development of quality teaching materials has relevance in preparing the quality of education and the quality of graduates," said Rudi in a press release on Sunday (01/10/207).

He added that the workshop organized by PGSD Indonesia Lecturer Association was followed by Universitas Trilogi's elementary teacher education program as the follow up of curriculum based on Higher Education Curriculum (KPT) which has been implemented in each institution.

Meanwhile, Rector of Universitas Trilogi, Prof. Dr. Asep Saefuddin explains that 'the state will never advance if its education is ignored, for that education improvement also needs to start with the improvement of the quality of its educator. "Therefore, Universitas Trilogi appreciates the lecturers of PGSD which discuss the leveling of the quality of this educator," said the Vice Rector Forum of Indonesia (FRI).

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