By Lestiani Melania (Esti)
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Public and Private Partnership in Boosting Distance Learning Programs in The middle of Pandemic

The spread of the COVID 19 virus in Indonesia is happening rapidly and the government is doing its best to suppress the spread by issuing social distancing policies to large-scale social restrictions (PSBB), these policies make teaching and learning activities forced to be carried out at home. The Government (Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia) to administrators of private schools, national plus schools and universities do their best to provide to facilitate distance learning.

From the government side, as a way to present a more varied method of learning, the Ministry of Education and Culture prepared 720 episodes for the 90 days program of Learning from Home on TVRI (Indonesian national TV). Through television, the high cost of internet and the limited availability of networks in a number of regions are expected to no longer be obstacles for students to continue learning from home. Minister of Education and Culture (Mendikbud) Nadiem Makarim said, even though the Ministry of Education and Culture has collaborated with private technology platforms to facilitate students learning at home, there are still many schools in regions that do not have internet access to the limit of funds for internet. (Schedule of program of Learning from Home attached in excel).

In collaboration with Google in Education, the ministry of education and culture held a daily webinar (starting on April 6) for all levels of education (students, teachers, parents and administrative staff), which aims to provide learning facilities related to the use of Google in education applications to all Indonesian people for free. It is well known that with large-scale social restrictions policies many people are still not adapting to Distance learning supporting technology and it is hoped that with this free class, Indonesian people's knowledge of educational technology will increase rapidly. (Google in Education webinar schedule with the Ministry of education and culture attached in excel)

Not only from the Government, many private companies have contributed to the development of free distance learning even to help fund education at a critical time like this, as did GESS Exhibitors, for example Beed World, Schoology and Pintro. Startups also take part in facilitating students in Indonesia to continue learning actively at home, for example Ruangguru, Zenius and GreatEdu. It is expected that with the participation of all parties can meet the needs of distance education in Indonesia.

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