Martha Yohanna

Head Teacher

Martha Yohanna has been teaching early childhood since 2010 in various international schools. Aside of teaching in the classroom, she has gained experience in monitoring daily application of the curriculum, designing professional development modul and delivering professional development sessions for teachers. Currently she is working at Bambino Preschool, Jakarta as a head teacher.


Future Learning

28 September 2018 | 12:00 - 12:30 | Bahasa | What Traditional Games Teach You That Your Gadget's Don't

Despite many research and trainings on the importance of play for child's development, we still see a lot of parents who dislike seeing their child play a lot in his/her nursery school. The complaint will come in "Why should I pay much if my child is only playing? (S)He can play at home". While talking about how play itself provides children with developmental skills they need for shaping their future, this session will go specifically to some of Indonesian traditional games. This session will talk about some of Indonesian traditional games, what it teaches our children, and its relevance to their developmental skills. During the session, the audience can expect to participate in some games as well.