Kristhianto Nathanael Kainama

High School Principal

Bachelor in Computational Mathematics from the University of Indonesia, Master of Education in Educational Administration from Columbia International University, USA. 17 years as a teacher and 5 years as a High School Principal. Serving in IPEKA Integrated Christian School from 2001 - 2018 and continue to IPEKA Plus BSD


Future Learning

28 September 2018 | 16:00 - 17:00 | English/Bahasa | Using "layar" to Easily Create Interactive Augmented Reality in School!

Learning on how to use layar apps and app to easily created an interactive augmented reality based on needs. Session outcomes: (1) Audiences are aware of the use layar apps; (2) Audiences are exposed on how to easily creates interactive augmented reality in the various school context. Target Audiences: Teachers, students, school leaders, etc. Examples: (1) For teachers & Librarian: Embedded video inside your existing printed textbook; (2) Registration for parents seminar ; (3) Teacher embedded instructions in a printed assignment notification; (4) School Open House; etc