Jane Ross

Digital Literacy Coach

Digital Literacy Coach at Jakarta Intercultural School, Maker, Electronics, 3D Printing, Author, Presenter,  Apple Distinguished Educator 2008, Golden Key Honour Society 2009, Book Creator Ambassador 2015, National Geographic Educator 2018.



26 September 2018 | 14:30 - 15:30 | English | Fostering the Maker Mindset

The concept of “mindsets” are becoming increasingly common in many areas of life. From making, to education, to the every day we are hearing more and more about the “Maker Mindset.” But what exactly IS a “maker mindset”?

Students these days are surrounded by screens. They see things mostly from screens without having sufficient hands-on experiences. The Maker mindset breaks down the screen barriers to allow us to understand through construction. It enables us to understand from the inside to the outside as we touch and build and manipulate. The Maker mindset drives visible learning through accessing inquiry projects that can be personal or group based.

In this session, participants will experience a new perspective to visibly becoming critical learners through making.

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