Irma Nurul Fatimah

Principal and Art Teacher

Art is a way to see connection and seeing things in new perspective. In 2004 I graduated from Architecture in ITS Surabaya. I realized that my passion is generating children's creativity. In 2013 I wrote 3 books : Kelasnya Manusia, Berkreasi Bersama Mama, and Berkreasi dengan Benda-Benda di Sekitar Kita. I'm active as an Art teacher in Lazuardi Al-Falah and want to share about my project, Math Art.


Future Learning

27 September 2018 | 16:00 - 16:30 | Bahasa | Math Art, A New Way to Learn

Mathematics and Art have been considered as two different subjects that unrelated to each other. The fact is Art could help people comprehend Mathematics even better, and vice versa. As an example, art can be used to visualize patterns found in Math equations. Using the similarities between Mathematics and Art we can learn the same subject from different perspective. This presentation will be focusing in topics relevant to integration between which Mathematics and Art. Case studies of Math Art projects will be given, as well as lesson planning and conducting.