Irianty Rosalina

Owner/Researcher/Brain's Development Consultant/Therapyst/Teacher/Coach

Born : 26th May 1970 Age : 48 years old Education Background 1.National of Institut Technology -Bandung, Mechanical Engineering,Indonesia 2. Neuroscientific Psychiatry, Karolinska Institut, Stockholm-Sweden 3.Research Method of Psychology, The University British Columbia 4.Deep Learning Through Transformative Pedagogy,University of Queensland 4. Neuroscience, Harvard University Job Experience : 1.Owner/ Brain's Development Consultant/Therapyst/Teacher/Coach since 2000 at Rossel La Fifa Groupe. 2.My Expert 's endorsed by Prof.Paul Dennison Founder Brain Gym 3. Volunteer


Future Learning

28 September 2018 | 12:30 - 13:00 | English | Brain Gym in Hydrotherapy is The Best Therapy for Early Childhood and Special Need Children

How can brain gym in hydrotherapy stimulate brain early childhood and special need children ? Hidrotherapy with brain gym modify such as original brain gym, super brain yoga , yoga aqua, specially swimming with freestyle and backstroke , ballet pilates, etc help brain stimulation early childhood and special need children optimally : 1. Good blood circulation system 2. Good Respiration System 3. Good Metabolism System 4. Neurogenesis 5. Relieve and relax for focus and consentration 6. Stimulate the system associatedwith emotion such as the mid brain and the large brain. 7. Increase Multiple Intelegence 8. The best treatment several disorder; autism, cerebral palsy, hyperactif, down syndrome ,etc 9. Treatment some diseases such as ; stroke, diabetes, HNP, back pain, scholiosis/lordosis, etc 10. The best treatment disabilities learning such as dysleksia, dysgraphia & discalculia 11. Improve fine and gross motor 12. Speech delay, walking, etc 13. The best therapy for sensory integration 14. The best therapy for trauma brain injuiried people 15. Improve mobility and increase flexibility help pain relief, manage long term condition like arthritis, sport injuiries, neurological condition,etc. 16. Reduce stress , make brain and body relax 17. Boost confidence level & self esteem 18.Improve eyes sight, listening and speaking. 19. Improve physical coordination and balance. 20. Improve communication skill and language development