Ines Setiawan

Science and Technology Teacher

Ines Setiawan is an educator who specializes in Science and Technology education. She has more that 15 years of experience in international education and currently teaches at Deutsche Schule Jakarta or German School Jakarta.
She is also a "teacherpreneur" who founds a social entrepreneurial organization called Sustainable Hyper-Platform of Indonesian Network of Educators, or SHINE in short. SHINE uses entrepreneurship principles to improve the quality and accessibility of high impact education at lowest possible cost. The scopes of SHINE's programs include 10 global problems namely water, food, energy, waste, biodiversity, global warming and climate change, poverty, health, finance, and peace. 



27 September 2018 | 14:30 - 15:30 | English | Teaching & Learning in Virtual World

Participants can explore the potential of using virtual reality to enhance learning. 

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