Henky Sasmita

Vice Principal

Tzu Chi School



27 September 2018 | 16:00 - 16:30 | English | Comprehensive Education Concept

“Everything comes from the mind alone” – Buddha. Human mind is divided into 2 kinds, subconscious mind and conscious mind. Most experts said that subconscious mind is the most powerful one that can control human’s action, thought, behaviour, perception and emotion. “Your life is dominated by your own subconscious mind” – by Chris Paley (“Unthink”). Jo Marchant, PhD in genetics and medical microbiology and MSc in Science Communication fom London, compiled in his book Cure (2017) about recent research and observation on placebo effect on people’s health. He says clearly, “Your mind can affect your physical body”.
Even though we realize this knowledge, but there are limited efforts in order to utilize the subconscious mind’s power and abilities. Most of education system around the globe are still preparing the young generations in cognitive part, rarely dealing with the subconscious mind’s issues.  Here I present the Comprehensive Education Concept that integrates three parts; Cognitive and Academic Skills (cover the learning processes done by prefrontal cortex), Social Skills (cover interpersonal skills that involve empathy to others) and Personal Skills (utilize the power of subconscious mind through the practical psychology). Personal Skills are consist of Power of Being Present (how to be present on what we are doing), Power of Minds (about using of self-affirmation to achieve our targets/objectives) and Power of Meta Awareness (having awareness beyond our awareness).