Gunawan Tambunsaribu

Permanent Lecturer

Name : GUNAWAN TAMBUNSARIBU, SS, M.Sas. Email/FB/Twitter : Blogger/YouTube : Academic Qualifications: University (S-2): Gunadarma University, Jakarta. Graduated in 2014 University (S-1): Gunadarma University, Jakarta. Graduated in 2010 Job Experiences: 1. UKI - Christian University of Indonesia, Cawang, Jakarta (2013-Now) 2. Gunadarma University, Jakarta (2011-Now)


Future Learning

26 September 2018 | 11:30 - 12:00 | English | Effective Strategies in Learning English

As a lecturer who teaches English grammar every first and second semester to college students in campus, the researcher found out that most of the students, who have studied English since they were in the Primary School, didn’t understand how to use English tobe such as is, am, are, was, were, etc. As the researcher asked them, they said that English was so difficult to understand especially the when they learned about English Tenses. Most of them said that they were only told to memorize the English verbs especially the Irregular verbs and then they were asked to make sentences using those words. They also said that most of their English teachers when they were at schools seldom spoke English actively in the classroom. That was why their pronunciations in speaking English words were still passive. They were still shame to talk in English when the researcher asked them to use English actively in his English class.