Gaylord Anderson

Center Director

Gaylord Anderson is an Education Consultant who has a BA in Education & an MA in Experimental Psychology, a classroom teacher, school psychologist, staff trainer, Principal, Center Director & Head of School in the US, Africa, Saudi Arabia, & Indonesia, has been conducting workshops for teachers, school administrators, university students, & middle/high school students, has been a presenter at International Conferences in Africa, Turkey, Thailand, Hong Kong, & Indonesia.


Leadership Stream

26 September 2018 | 15:00 - 15:30 | English | How to Effectively Coach Teachers So They Get Better Faster Through Lesson Observation & Feedback

What will I learn? Participants will learn proven strategies to significantly, and often times quickly, improve teacher effectiveness through (1) lesson observation and then (2) providing a 6-step teacher feedback process. Videotaped lesson clips will be analyzed, and workshop participants will learn six effective steps to take when giving lesson feedback to teachers. This feedback can result in significant improvement in both the teacher's instructional skills and student learning. This lesson observation and feedback paradigm is equally effective for all grade levels, and for all teachers K-12. How will I learn it? Participants will work in triads to apply and practice the concepts and skill taught in this workshop. Who should attend this workshop? This workshop is relevant to new teachers, veteran teachers, those working in professional development, principals, and other administrators. Follow-up sessions on this topic can be arranged by request. Come and learn, experience and grow, and become a change agent in your school.