Gaiety Suthami

Training & Development Officer

Gaiety was born in Sanggau, West Borneo, on August 8, 1993. She was graduated from Sanata Dharma University majoring English Education. Working as an HR has been her passion. Now she is working at Erudio School of Art as a Training Officer. Her dream is to be an HR specialist who can help employees to maximize their potential and have fun at their workplace at the same time.


Leadership Stream

26 September 2018 | 16:00 - 16:30 | Bahasa | Creating a Dream Workplace

We spend most of our times in our workplace. It seems like workplace is our second home where we socialize, grow, stumble, fall, get back up again, and learn a lot of things. Hence, a workplace should be a warm place for everyone. Everyone surely has their own definition of a dream workplace, especially in a workplace with differs generations. It might varies depend on the person. There are some things that can be considered in order to create a nice workplace: 1. Relationships (with colleagues, leaders, and students), 2. Self-development program, 3. Work culture. These 3 things could be the considered aspects in building a workplace that is supportive, comfortable, safe, and fun. However, to build a good relationship, self-development program, and work culture, a company firstly needs to have trust, effective communication, and appreciation. When those things are well built, it is expected that the workplace can be place where the employees feel encouraged, appreciated, happy, and meaningful.