Feny Krisnasari

Teacher Librarian

I am a teacher librarian who as a facilitator, collaborator, leader, teammate, teacher, technologist, book finder, storyteller, builder, and maker.


Future Learning

26 September 2018 | 16:00 - 16:30 | Bahasa | Future Ready Library

The PYP librarian roles in PYP is nurturing internationally-minded, lifelong learners and readers. Those roles are expanded more than either collection maintenance and development or circulation & reference service. Cikal Baca-Baca is how we called our library. The transformation of library function has challenged to the librarians because there were paradigm shift to move up from a conventional library to 21st Century Library. The spread of powerful mobile devices has put the World Wide Web at our fingertips. So, what changes of the horizon for...LIBRARY OF THE FUTURE. Students explore how the internet could give them amazing ways to collaborate with other people and subjects. However they do not realize about how much important of internet safety is as a lead to be digital citizenship. Being a good digital citizen is more than knowing their way around the web. It is about connecting and collaborating in ways they did not even know were possible and also give credits any information by citing sources. The library of 21st provides a welcoming space to collaborate, creative, explore, innovate among students, teachers and community by bringing physical and digital learning.