Felicia Joe

Early Childhood Principal

Felicia is a professional on early childhood education. She has worked for many years in several kindergartens in Jakarta. Currently, she is working as an Early Childhood principal in Tzu Chi School. She is passionate about quality in the Early Years sector, making sure that children receive the best possible care to help them reach their full potential. She stresses the importance of instilling good character in early years.


Leadership Stream

26 September 2018 | 10:30 - 11:00 | Bahasa | Are you ready to be a model for others?

Why I have to listen to my boss or leader?" That's a simple question people always debate when they realize a person who called "A Leader" never gives and shows a good example. What is legendary leadership? "Leadership is the art of accomplishing more than the science of management says is possible" - Colin Powell. A successful team work is a team with lowering staff turnover. At least there are six elements that we have to follow should we want our team enjoy to work with their leader and achieve institution mission.