Febriandrini Kumala

Mathematics Teacher

Born in Bandung, has been teaching mathematics for all levels more than fifteen years. Starting with developing and teaching math courses for private students, and has been a dedicated mathematics teacher for SMP Lazuardi Al-Falah GIS, Depok since 2016. Well known as Teacher Andri (gg.gg/teacherandri), with education background of Civil Engineering and International Business, balances teaching mathematics with STEAM concepts in the class.


Future Learning

27 September 2018 | 12:00 - 12:30 | English/Bahasa | Powerful Exploratory Quest (PEQ): A Journey to Successful Creative Mathematics Teaching

As mathematics teacher, our main task is far more challenging than enabling students to answer mathematics test. As pointed out by Corey Drake in his quote, mathematics teaching should focus on developing students as mathematicians and infiltrating mathematical concepts into their mind. During my teaching experience, the reason behind uncreative and unmotivated teaching is mostly because of our vulnerability in the concept that we need to deliver in the class. We tend to ‘preach’ not teach. Students will see our mouth moving, but do not understand a thing. Their eyes start losing their souls to their wonderful land where they wish mathematics do not exist. So, how do we change our ways of teaching mathematics? The answer is in the Powerful Exploratory Quest (PEQ), a questioning technique to create a lesson full of exploring mathematical concepts both for the teachers and students.