Ezra Adhitya

Head of School / Co-Founder

Graduated from LASALLE College of the Arts' BA Design Communications programme in 2012 with honours, Ezra established DFCD in November 2012 and has since helped many students find their talents, hone their skills, and reach their dreams to enter arts universities in Indonesia and abroad. Ezra believes that design is about telling stories. Based in Jakarta and Singapore, Ezra is also a playwright, coffee enthusiast, and an avid football fan. 


Leadership Stream

28 September 2018 | 12:30 - 13:00 | English/Bahasa | The Business and Career in Creative Industries: "Will I Get a Job If I Go To an Art School?"

What is the future of design industry? Will I be able to get a job after graduating from art and design school?

These questions often times come up in students’ and parents’ minds when considering about taking arts and design as their next step in education and life. Conflicting pieces of information sometimes make us even more confused, and more often than not, people decided against going into the design world, fearing for their future. In this seminar, Ezra will share with us from his experience as a designer and arts educator the truth about the arts and design world, from education to career, and how the future is shaping up for the creative industry, both in Indonesia and abroad.