Eko Sulistiyono


Eko Sulistiyono is introducing Indonesian Cultural Heritage in his grade 9 students, Digital Media class. While finishing his M.D in Education, Indiana Wesleyan University (2016), his project aim was to improve students participation and learning excitement about the abundance of Indonesia cultural heritage.



26 September 2018 | 16:00 - 16:30 | English/Bahasa | How will creating Indonesian fictional superheroes to Digital Media students increase their understanding of Indonesian cultural heritage?

Indonesia filled with talented students, and of the talent is art in digital creation. Because of the extensive exposure of art style from Western and Eastern (comic, movies, manga, anime, etc) during their childhood, resulting these young artists prefer to use this type of style in their artworks. Their works does not have the authenticity of their own country probably because of the low knowledge about Indonesia cultures and heritage, also because at that time (until present) there are not many Indonesian artist work in this field. The speaker would like to encourage teachers and audience to start developing students ability in digital art, and create a global movement when every students school projects should promoting Indonesian abundance cultural heritage.