Dr. Joshua Tobing

Associate Professor

Dr. Joshua H.L. Tobing, as an Associate Professor at Universitas Advent Indonesia. authored several educational books for the youth like " Ada Apa di Balik Musik Rock?", Nikmat Membawa sengsara, Wanita Ciptaan Yang Ajaib. Besides an author also a presenters in the international and national seminars. Doing research and Paleontology  Excavation at Wyoming USA .


Leadership Stream

26 September 2018 | 15:30 - 16:00 | English | Leadership System, School Culture, Management Strategy and Teacher's Performance

This talk focuses on the correlation of leadership system, school culture, management strategy, and teacher’s performance among primary and secondary school teachers at West Indonesia Union Mission (WIUM). As it is hypothesizes that teacher’s performance (dependent variable) received and perceived by teacher is affected by leadership, leadership system, school planning, relationship of teachers with leaders, school culture, communication system, school and working environment, managerial strategy, salary and allowance, and teacher training and development (independent variables). There are 362 teachers responded to the researcher made questionnaire.