Donny Adiguna


Donny Adiguna Training & Working experiences : • Lincensed NLP Practitioner by TaD James ~ 2013 • Certificate of Completion the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People ~ 2013 • Certify the Coach Practitioner Program ACSTH International Coach Federation ~ 2012 • Founder of Fikar School (School With Coaching Method) ~ 2008 up to now


Leadership Stream

26 September 2018 | 13:00 - 13:30 | Bahasa | Implementation of Child Friendly Education in Schools

I will share the experience of why the importance of child-friendly education in education in Indonesia is due to what has been done in our schools that with child-friendly education, making children more comfortable to undergo their education, they feel valued as whole people who need recognition and appreciation that makes them more realize the importance of education because honestly from the beginning I set up this school is only one of my goals for every child to get a quality education, every child why I emphasize every child because according to my experience when I went to school in formal school it seems quality education only for some particular children only those who are strong in the academic side who survive in formal education but children who have the strength of the other side of non-academic fields such as (music, sport, art, etc.) they lack the support of the school and this is what causes children can not express themselves as it is to make them a burden and ultimately cause them stress and ultimately comes the delinquency of children and adolescents who, if left, will make their future a bet and therefore we try to start from school we create a school environment where every child is rewarded for his or her potential and ultimately makes them understand that it is unfortunate that they waste their potential because they have a future.