Doly Nofiansyah

Staff Ahli DPR RI

Youth born in Palembang, completing his master degree in human resources at Sriwijaya University of Palembang. Having an interest in the field of public speaking, reporter and host on Private Television. Currently a staff of expert DPR RI, in charge of Education.


Future Learning

26 September 2018 | 13:30 - 14:00 | Bahasa | Harmonization of the Education Environment as the Student's Security Base in School

The educational environment becomes the public arena. Especially for students at school. Certainly by creating a safe environment will determine a situation that is conductive for students. No exception is the effort to keep the school environment away from bullying and violence. So the need to emerge a harmonious atmosphere both in terms of educational programs, curriculum, environment and security programs that support it all. Harmonization of educational environment not only as anticipation of bullying act, but also as effort of school to bring comfort to all component of school.