Dira Bungawardani

Science Teacher

Dirayanti Bungawardani is a Science teacher in Sekolah Cikal Serpong Secondary, graduated from ITS majoring Ocean Engineering on 2007. She became science teacher in 2016 and very eager to incorporate new method that could enrich teenager experience to engage them more in learning.


Future Learning

27 September 2018 | 12:30 - 13:00 | English | FLT (Flexible Learning Time) : Personalizing Learning in Science & Mathematics

There is increasing trend on education to implement personalized learning in classroom activity. Personalized learning is believed to be one of the way to improve student agency and responsibility on a certain subject. This year, our school uses Flexible Learning Time (FLT) on secondary level to personalized their learning experiences. During the FLT, certain level of freedom is given to students so they could manage their own subject schedule, it means that each student has different schedule and could master their topic based on their own pace. Since on Secondary level Math and Science are the least favorable subject, student tend to hold back on showing their best ability and efforts when working on the topic. Therefore, the FLT is implemented to bridge the gap between the student’s interest in learning Science and Math, with student’s agency and freedom. Even though it’s not always a smooth sailing, we noticed that student has more engagement in these subjects. They showed more eagerness to finish all of their assignments independently. One main points that we feel is stronger bond between teacher and student as we are working in smaller groups.