Diana Bachtiar


Ms. Diana Bachtiar is a passionate educator and enthusiatic learner who has been in education field for almost 18 years. She is the School Principal of Raffles House Preschool in Pluit, Jakarta Utara. Graduated from Bina Nusantara University for Bachelor degree in Information Technology, and Pelita Harapan University for Master Degree in Educational Management, she is passionate in bringing changes in education field in Indonesia.


Leadership Stream

27 September 2018 | 13:30 - 14:00 | English | Transforming Teachers to be 21st Century Leaders Through Transformational Leadership

Educational leaders are faced with many challenges in the pursuit of school reform and school improvement. Today's leaders, both principals and teachers, are responsible for school improvement by creating a learning organization,  leading change, developing teachers, and promoting student learning. Therefore, increasing the knowledge of effective leadership qualities in school is important to achieve school improvement. Knowledge of the leadership qualities of teachers that raise student achievement will add the efforts of teacher development through teacher training programs and professional development. I will talk about transformational leadership as a bridge in transforming teachers to be 21st century leaders. The transformational leaders strategically bring continuous improvement by creating an environment where all are learning. The primary focus is to engage others in continuous learning and sharing their learning with others.