Dian Saputra

Vice Principal Student Affairs

I have 12 years experience in teaching, administration and management of school activities. I have extensive experience and expertise in leading a great team. I manage the Student Section professionally, energetically and dynamically as well as assist in improving school profit by creating a school environment favorites who excel and have a noble character.


Future Learning

26 September 2018 | 13:00 - 13:30 | Bahasa | Character Education in Student Activities

Many cases of bullying, pornography and disciplinary behavior in the school environment to challenge the world of education today. Not to mention the case of violence that befell our fellow students to the teachers (guru.pen) be our reminder, that moral coaching needs to be more emphasized in every learning. Although we know, the trend that mushroomed and impressed forced now is the school more emphasis on the quantity of graduation and the quality of academic value than moral values. Student section is expected to be able to work and answer all forms of moral issues through activities that include character building through positive and fun student activities learning that tries the realm of skills, knowledge and moral of learners to form better student personality. Therefore, students avtivities involving the synergistic role of professional teachers, counselors, exciting student programs, supporting facilities along with other stakeholders are required to attend to make the school a second home with close cooperation with parents to continue to commit to meet the psychological needs and scholarship of students. The series of student activities should be able to present a modern and interesting learning and humanist communication approach, thus becoming a positive self-development medium and able to overcome the moral problems of learners.