Bintang B. Doeana


More than 25 years experienced in the field of audio visual and as a lecturer focusing in art directing in Faculty of Film and Television- Jakarta Institute of the Arts


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28 September 2018 | 15:00 - 15:30 | Bahasa | The Role of Art Directing in The Millennium Era

Art directing in the field of audio visual is the one of production creativity aspect which include planning, implementation or supllying physical range in film or television stories which are including in setting, properties, costume, make -up, hair styling and visual effect ( are the role of art directing) which is suit in their film concept. The person who get assignment to order this matter called Art directing or Production Designer. In this millennium era, technology plays a big role in human life. The development of modern science and technology influences and affects changes in human performance. One of innovation product in communication technology is internet There are three activities performed on internet communication, namely: Blogger is an online writer; he writes articles on web blogs, sites or websites. YouTuber is a video publisher on YouTube; are people who share YouTube Channel. Vlogger is short for Video & Blogger.Vlog is a combination of words from Video and Blog, abbreviated Vlog. The three professions above are now famous for being able to present and popular information by Indonesian people, especially teenagers. Of the phenomenon, there are still creators who do not understand the elements of art directing such as the use of a simple setting, the use of costumes that are not in accordance with the content or do not use make up on the content displayed. So that the aesthetic element is not visible on the work in production.