Bayu Aji Pangestu

Founder and CEO

 Has a special interest in the field of community service and sustainable development. Active in student organizations to maintain the stability of academic ability. For new things to be more useful and useful to better understand the meaning of life and take each lesson.



27 September 2018 | 15:30 - 16:00 | Bahasa | Technology For Social Change

Technology for social change is the program that I planned  in my organization that is Sahalam Group. which I am the founder and president of the group that has been inviting various partnerships with international to national partners such as Google, Startup Socials, NetSquared, Global Youth Empowerment, etc. which in Sahalam Group is always campaigning Technology for social change in society who have backwardness in terms of technological developments which Sahalam also has been doing social action like Kampung Bogor technology that aims to suppress the number of technological backwardness. because what will happened in the future of this nation is the problem of technology completely, if we underestimate the technology then our nation will soon be left behind by other nations and we will only be the object of the example of traditional society that has not fully know the development of technology rapidly at this time like what the father of the president of Indonesia pidatokan that is about the problem of technology.