Ayung Candra Padmasari


Master Graduates from Jaringan cerdas Multimedia ITS Surabaya.  Some of  paper was published, there are Computer Generated Image  for illustration mitology Ken Arok using  matte Painting,  Interior Batik Gallery Using Normal Mapping for Virtual Reality , and 3- Dimensional Virtualclassroom for Journey Based on Hand Gesture Understanding using Leap Motion, And The Book ever written is   Pengolahan Citra Digital from PT Latif  Kitto Mahesa. 



27 September 2018 | 12:30 - 13:00 | Bahasa | Virtual Reality Technology for Education

Nowadays 21 th century have so many change in our life, especially in education. All needs was change in digital packaged so demanding us to adapt especially for those of us who work as teachers to pack media and teaching materials become more innovative in learning activities. Such Change can have a positive impact if we use as needed, for example, today is known as the industrial revolution era 4.0 , trends using  digital media and animation as more innovative can be more developed given our current generation of students is a millenial genneration and Zero generation, Those based on theory is a generation that  fast in adapting to technology. I present the results of my  research that i continue to develop about virtual reality technology and all its supporters for educational needs. It is expected that the result of this study can add insight and motivation of teachers able to apply materials teaching social science and exact science that is felt more use text book than on other media and tend to conventional.