Ayi Putri Tjakrawedana

Owner / Trainer / Writer

I am owner of Women Script and Co the organisation for women writer, Indonesia Art Theatre and have my own media www.sayacintaindonesia.com Being journalist and writer since 1994 and having a media named SCI www.sayacintaindonesia.com. Founder and owner Women Script.and co , INARTE (Indonesia Art and Theatre), and some communities of writers. My web www.prmediarelationsagency.com and www.mediaprofesi.com


Future Learning

26 September 2018 | 10:00 - 10:30 | English/Bahasa | How to Start Writing for Beginner and Advance

Indonesia needs more writers to support students and readers who have to be encouraged. The books in Indonesia expensive because still doing import. And i believe there are lot of people love to be writer but they don’t know HOW.