Using Slides, Tables, Graphs and the Like to Train Speaking to Professionals

Professionals such as managers and directors are people with high dignity and prestige. When the need comes that they have to learn speaking English, caution must carefully be taken. It would be wrong to treat them like ordinary students. They must be taken with reference to their position and status. As such, one way recommended to train them to speak English is using slides, tables, graphs and the likes. The contents to learn can be made to cover topics related to their job description, topics surrounding their life and their hobbies, and topics of current affairs. As they usually have an amount of English already, the slides, tables, graphs and the likes are utilized as prompts for their speaking. They get to explain individual ideas, relate ideas together, tell the whole picture, and give a whole presentation. Questions are constantly asked in between their speaking to maintain interaction. Errors and mistakes are jotted down and dealt with appropriately and time-wisely. They will not get bored. They will want to study more and longer. Their self-esteem is boosted. This presentation is based on my teaching a director of a bank in Bandung. Issues concerning how to teach in this fashion in a class of several managers or directors combined will also be tackled.

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Thursday, September 28, 2017 - 12:40 to 13:00