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Transforming Students into Productive Generation Representing Pride of Indonesia

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has encouraged teachers to nurture and transform their students into a productive generation that can be a pride of the nation and state.

"In addition to providing knowledge, teachers must be able to prepare their students to become productive and persistent to keep fighting in the face of stiff competition," President Jokowi remarked while inaugurating the Taruna Nala State Senior High School here on Saturday.

The president also urged the teachers to prepare their students to be ready to pursue a higher level education in order to build the nation.

"Please prepare the students early to face real-world challenges, the competitive world, and competition. Prepare them to advance to higher education at leading universities throughout the country. Prepare them early to harbor ambitions to build this country when they grow up," he remarked.

Reflecting on the international community that has developed technologies in the fields of space, rapid transportation systems, shipping, and electronic finance, Jokowi emphasized that Indonesia must catch up by improving its human resources.

During his working visit to East Java Province, Jokowi will also distribute Smart Indonesia cards to thousands of students in Malang District. In addition, Jokowi is scheduled to attend the study of Ramadan 1438 Hijriah to be organized by the provinces Muhammadiyah leadership at the Dome building of the Muhammadiyah University of Malang in Lowokwaru Sub-district, Malang City.

In the meantime, East Java Governor Soekarwo extended his gratitude to President Jokowi who expressed keenness to inaugurate the Taruna Nala State Senior High School in Malang.

"One of our missions is to realize reliable human resources and morality by improving the quality of the people of East Java through innovative education," the governor added.

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