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MUI Appeal Education Ministry to Reconsider Five-Day School Policy

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - The Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) assesses the policy of the Ministry of Education and Culture to establish a five-day school has a good purpose. However, it is necessary to rethink whether all schools have supporting facilities to create a good educational process, such as facilities for worship, sports, laboratories, playground and a comfortable rest for students, as well as a healthy and decent cafeteria.

Another factor that is not less important is the availability of sufficient number of teachers. If there is no adequate supporting facilities and sufficient teachers, instead of being able to build a conducive learning environment, students can study peacefully, comfortably and comfortably for eight hours, precisely what happens is that students will become tired and stressed.

"MUI asked the Minister of Education and Culture Muhadjir Effendy to review the policy," said Vice Chairman of MUI Zainut Tauhid Sa'adi in a press release received by Netralnews.com on Sunday (6/11/2017).

Zainut said at least the policy is applied gradually, selectively and with strict requirements. For example, it only applies to schools that already have adequate supporting facilities. And the policy is not enforced for all regions in order to respect the values of local wisdom.

"So the districts are given the option to join government education programs, also are given the right to organize education as what have been running in the community," Zainut said.

The reason, said Zainut, with the enactment of education for eight hours a day it can be ascertained education of madrasah (Islamic school) model will be out of business. Meanwhile, its existence is still very important and needed by the community.

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