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Education Minister: Five School Days not Full Day School

The Ministry of Education and Culture stated that five school days policy is not full day school. The regulation is to strengthen student characters through intra-curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

Ari Santoso, the Head of Communications and Public Service Bureau, said in Malang on Friday (30/6/2017) that the five school days refer to educational activities in certain schools. Ari said that it does not mean that students have to be inside the classroom all the time, as there are various activities under teacher supervision.

The activities include studying, boy scout, teen red cross, museum and art gallery visit and sports. Ari said that the five days schools regulation is only for schools that are ready in line with the relevant regulation. Ari added that there is no compulsion to implement it for the current school year, as the implementation can be gradual.

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